Geography – Maps – Study material

CLASSWORK – Geography study materials.

Every week we will study a part of the Spanish map and learn as much as we can.

In class we will share our knowledge answering to trivia questions.

NEW!! _ review Spain’s mountains with this great vídeo (spanish) >> Como son los sistemas montañosos de España

We are going to divide the map of Spain into four areas: Northwest, Northeast, Southwest and Southeast. (see map below)

Spain 4 zones

Northwest area: Communities of Asturias, Cantabria, Castilla y León and Galicia. (week 1)

Northeast area: Communities of Aragón, Cataluña, Navarra, País Vasco, La Rioja.(week 2)

Southwest area: Communities of Andalucía, Islas Canarias, Ceuta-Melilla, (Madrid) and  Extremadura. (week 3)

Southeast area: Castilla La Mancha, Isas Baleares, Murcia and Valencia. (week 4)

We will study landforms, coasts, rivers and lakes, watersheds, autonomous communities, provinces and  capitals.

How can we study??  Using maps and other resources.


Maps are important, we use maps to represent areas and places on the Earth’s surface.

Watch this video to learn the basics about maps.

This is a political map of Europe. Can you find Spain in the map? What colour is it?


This is a political map of Spain, can you find Murcia?



Interactive Maps

These interactive maps are great to learn about the different places and landforms in Spain.


Comunidades Autonomas:

Capitales de CCAA:

Unidades del relieve:

Rios de España:



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